Elderly Shoutouts

I just had the most lovely encounter with an elderly lady and it compelled me to give a shoutout to anyone over the age of 65. (You know who you are, but I am not sure many of you read blogs?)

My partner and I were riding our bikes through Dover, England after spending the morning exploring the historically significant Dover Castle (totally worth doing). We were cruising down a large hill and came to a fork in the road. We weren’t sure which way to go so we pulled out our phone (yep, Gen Y-ers) to have a look at the map. As Rhys was doing this, I was looking around appreciating our surroundings and gazed up at a window in a house nearby. The window belonged to an old person’s nursing home and framed perfectly  in the window, enjoying the sunshine and view sat a hunched, little old lady in a wheelchair who had short white hair and was wearing a blue two piece suit. She was watching us, smiling widely and furiously waving at me in the sweetest way possible. My heart melted as I thought of my two grandmothers and I waved back.  She started to point to the right indicating the way we should go. I tapped my partner on the shoulder and pointed so he could wave too and thank her for helping us when, just as he looked up, she started blowing kisses the cheeky devil! Rhys obliged and blew kisses back and then we took her on her word (and hoped she didn’t have dementia) and peddled our bikes to the right as we waved goodbye. Luckily, she got us to where we needed to go.

I just want to encourage people to take a moment today and be a little kinder and a little more patient to elderly strangers and family members. Their life experience and understanding of the world far parallels our own and we should feel blessed to enjoy every moment we have with the special old people in our lives. Warm and fuzzies all round.

This post is dedicated to both my lovely grandmothers who I know are looking down on me and keeping me safe on my travels.



#rocketandramble @rocketandramble


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