About Me

Welcome to rocketandramble. I am Jizelle, I am 26 years old and I lived on the Gold Coast, Queensland. As much as I loved my life, mediocrity is my worst nightmare. I love to move around, explore new places and take on fresh experiences embracing all life has to offer. Last year, I decided to pack up my life in an attempt to shake things up and follow my passion to travel the world and I am dragging my partner along with me. We have our backpacks and our passports, and together we are taking a two year hiatus from our sunny, suburban lifestyle in search of adventure.

This blog is an attempt to keep my friends and family updated about my current travels and to hopefully help inform people about the places I have already explored discussing my trips, tips and travels. I want to fill it with ramblings, reflections, personal experiences, photographs, videos and advice from my journeys. Heck, it might even inspire someone to book that ticket or run that risk, as it will be the best thing you ever do.

Traveling long term is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time. My wanderlust began during family holidays as we crammed into our 4WD and ventured up and down the east coast of Australia. My first taste of flying (that I remember) was when I was 16. My high school flew our soccer teams to New Zealand for two weeks, and since then, I have traveled whenever I could. So far I’ve explored the islands of Indonesia, done onsen with locals in Japan (twice) and snowboarded the many mountains of Canada with many more on my list. At this very moment, I am in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka on the first leg of our planned journey, with India and Europe to follow. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Happy travels,




Instagram: @rocketandramble


This is my mum, my sister and I (far left) on Christmas Day last year. It was tropical themed. My family LOVES a good dress up party. 



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