The Maldives: Thulusdhoo II (Aug 2015)


As we flew through the clouds, snippets of the turquoise water and sandy island atolls confirmed we had made the right decision. After the stress of the previous week, I could not wait to lay on the beach in my bikini, soak up the sunshine and sip on a cocktail until I remembered that the island Rhys and I had chosen was a surf camp on an inhabited island. This meant no bikinis and definitely no alcohol due to the strict Muslim culture. My visions of decadent resort living with manta rays swimming under the glass floor of my private bungalow began to quickly disintegrate.


No decadent beach bungalows and swimming pools but this did happen, so close enough for me.

As we walked out of airport, we noticed a distinct divide between the type of travellers arriving. There are those that arrive in large groups trailing designer luggage who have booked lavish packages through Maldivian resort companies. They dash quickly from customs to their air-conditioned glass boxes for refreshments often involving cocktails and canapés as they await the arrival of their seaplane so they can be promptly whisked away to their island utopia.  And then there are people like us. We look for directions to the local ferries, then stand in line in the humidity holding our backpacks and boards just hoping to catch the right one for a budget price. We are travellers on the hunt for surf, sea life and adventure trying to get wherever we can for as cheap as we can and that is just the way I like it.

Our ‘fancy’ waiting area.

We paid for the ferry and settled in for the short ride to Male (from Hulhule) in order to catch a connecting ferry to our island of choice Thulusdhoo. All up our trip would take around 2 hours but only cost a couple of dollars. Little did we (or the other Australian couple we met on the ferry going to the same place) know, the ocean had been deemed ‘too rough’ for the ferries and an expensive speedboat was our only other option if we wanted to arrive on the island that day. We tried to wait out Mother Nature in the hope that the last ferry of the day would run if the weather calmed. Meanwhile, we walked around town, purchased some very cheap thongs to replace a plugger blow out, surfed in rough, sloppy waves while watching planes land on the runway as our backdrop and then waited some more until it was confirmed: no ferries would run until tomorrow. Mother Nature had won yet again.


Our choices were: stay on Male and catch the ferry the next day which meant we would be forfeiting our accommodation or, split the cost of the speedboat between the four of us. We bartered a little and managed to get the US$200 cost down to US$160 but it still hurt the hip-pocket. I tried to console myself with the image of the four of us, bikini and board short clad standing on our sleek, black and white luxury speedboat as the wind swept my hair and we raced across the waves to our destination and the shirtless, handsome captain waved at me. Thirty minutes later we were indeed making our way across the waves but at more of a mild speed in our fairly average fishing boat with two scrawny but smiling locals at the helm as we sat in the back getting splashed in the face with sea water. Finally, we arrived at Thulusdhoo and departed the boat with our luggage ready to try and find the guesthouse we had booked just the night before. Unfortuantely for us, the clouds began to roll in and looked a little angry.





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Welcome to rocketandramble

Welcome to rocketandramble. I am Jizelle, I am 26 years old and I lived on the Gold Coast, Queensland. As much as I loved my life, mediocrity is my worst nightmare. I love to move around, explore new places and take on fresh experiences embracing all life has to offer. Last year, I decided to pack up my life in an attempt to shake things up and follow my passion to travel the world and I am dragging my partner along with me. We have our backpacks and our passports, and together we are taking a two year hiatus from our sunny, suburban lifestyle in search of adventure.

This blog is an attempt to keep my friends and family updated about my current travels and to hopefully help inform people about the places I have already explored discussing my trips, tips and travels. I want to fill it with ramblings, reflections, personal experiences, photographs, videos and advice from my journeys. Heck, it might even inspire someone to book that ticket or run that risk, as it will be the best thing you ever do.

Traveling long term is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time. My wanderlust began during family holidays as we crammed into our 4WD and ventured up and down the east coast of Australia. My first taste of flying (that I remember) was when I was 16. My high school flew our soccer teams to New Zealand for two weeks, and since then, I have traveled whenever I could. So far I’ve explored the islands of Indonesia, soaked in an onsen with locals in Japan (twice) and snowboarded the misty mountains of Canada with many more destinations on my list. At this very moment, I am in Sri Lanka on the first leg of our planned journey, with India and Europe to follow. Thanks for taking the time to read.


This is my mum, my sister and I (far left) on Christmas Day last year. It was tropical themed. My family loves dress up parties.

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Here is my partner Rhys and I in our newly purchased van, Sassy. You can also see our ‘borrowed pet’ Kolo.


Happy travels


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